Wednesday, April 4, 2012


     I put off finishing Dezmond to make this cute little doll.  I am giving her the name "Molly" until her new owner renames her.  My cousin requested I make a doll for her 5-year-old niece, and I couldn't resist!  She told me the little girl had curly blonde hair, blue eyes, likes pink and sparkly stuff.  This left lots of room for creativity!!  This is a slightly smaller doll than the others I have made, and everything on the face is embroidered to make it more study for playing.

This is her Fall Outfit, a cute brown knitted sweater, a frilly sparkly pink skirt, and boots with fur on them.

Molly's spring outfit.  A light twirling scarf with beading, a white, brown, and pink tank-top, her pink sparkly skirt, and some lighter boots.

Molly's evening gown, with her light boots and twirly scarf, this time with her hair pulled back and twirled.

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  1. Molly is so adorable! Love her face! I like the embroidered look. I tried that but it didn't look very nice. You did a great job!